Thank you for stopping by!  The Glove Lab is a small, family owned business that was established in 2019 to serve both amateur and professional players with their glove relacing and repair needs. While the company may be young, my experience relacing gloves goes back to the mid 1990's when I first learned to relace my old Wilson A2000 (A2800) from watching my dad. That first lesson spawned a curiosity that would later fuel my passion.  

Since those first gloves, my work has progressed from friends and family, to local youth players in our community, to high school and college athletes across the country, and now working with professional players across all MLB teams and their affiliates. 

Regardless of the glove and the level of play, each glove tells an amazing story which I am fortunate to be apart of.  

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our services and products.


Founder + Lead Glove Technician