Fielder's & Pitcher's Gloves (FULL SERVICE)

$100.00 - $175.00 Coming Soon

If you have a regular fielders glove or pitchers glove, then you are in the right place! Your web and model may vary from that in the picture, but this is the right product to select for regular infield, outfield, and pitchers gloves.

This service includes a full clean, condition, new palm adhesive (as needed), and new laces! Other repairs can be made and are priced separately.

Regular relacing services can take approx. 10-12 business days.

Expedited Relacing Services are AVAILABLE! We will turn around your glove and ship it back within 4 - business days of receiving it.

After order is placed you will receive two emails. The second email may be delayed (it is sent manually) - this email contains our shipping address and instructions. Thank you for your patience in receiving this email.

1. If you would like 2 or more colors, please specify colors and location in the "messages" field at check out.
2. The shipping charge collected covers return shipping.
3. The option for thumb or pinky Loop replaces the loops that are sewn within the hand-stall of the glove and that come out of the exterior shell and are often tied in a knot. If you have questions about this option, please reach out to us!